Username Ideas for Girls

Instagram Username ideas for girls

During the registration on Instagram, many have difficulty with the username inventing. It is connected with the big number of registered accounts. Men and women use Instagram. But there are more women – 60% of all registered accounts. It’s not surprising: to attract attention, boast shopping or just a boyfriend are more female features. Different varieties of nicknames are available in the network. But only original and not too difficult usernames become memorable. The main thing is to nickname became memorable and catchy. In this article you will get to know how to pick up interesting and catchy username for Instagram if you are a girl.

Instagram rules for the username selection

1. The maximum length is 30 symbols. Minimal is 1.
2. Allowed symbols: «.», «_». Other symbols are forbidden.
3. Only English layout.

What nickname a girl would have on Instagram? Recommendations:

1. Don’t use all 30 symbols. Long nicknames are poorly read and not remembered.
2. Don’t get carried away with prefixes as: baby, sexy – it’s not serious.
3. Good and laconic nick is interesting reduction of your name and surname.
4. Try to choose a username, which would reflect your character and occupation.

Username Ideas for Girls

Examples usernames with name and surname for Kim Kardashian:

kardashiankim, kim_kardash, kim.kard, k_kardashian, kim_k_west,, kim.west, _kkw_, k.k.w., kardash_kim, k.a.r.d.a.s.h.i.a.n., _k_a_r_d_a_s_h_i_a_n_

Funny examples usernames:

queen_sara, sara_big_booty, food_eater_sara, sara_cinderella, sara_loveful, badass_sara, sara_mermaid, cool_sara, little_fairy_sara, bad_girl_sara

This list is just an example, don’t copy it, pick up your own username based on this list. Use our tool to check the chosen username on the usage availability.