Top of the most awesome travel bloggers on Instagram: recommend to follow

Do you like traveling or enjoying luxury panorama of amazing nature? We bring to your attention better compilation of the most demanded and popular travel bloggers on Instagram.

Do you want to travel virtually? Not even leaving your home. To enjoy amazing places from different parts of the world? Then we recommend you to follow the coolest travel bloggers in Instagram from our compilation.

When you watch these travel bloggers accounts, you want to throw out all of your affairs and fly away to make the same exclusive frames. So, watch up, get a visual pleasure and follow.

  • #1
    Anyuta Rai

    Travel girl💫Blogger💫Model 📩 [email protected] 📍Lost in Bali 🌿 @anyuta_rai_life My photo editing 👇🏼

    For your attention, there is one more cool Instagram profile. Anna is popular russian model. She adores travelling with her boyfriend together. Her boyfriend is professional photographer Sergei Kabankov. The girl is successfully keeping her blog and she already has more than 2,7 millions subscribers.
  • #2
    Jennifer Tuffen

    Welcome to my colourful world ⋒ British travel & lifestyle creative 𖤥 London/Sussex 🇬🇧 ⇢ Kazakhstan 💌 [email protected]

    Jennifer is the popular blogger from Britain. More than 2.7 followers users have already follow her Instagram account. Besides, the woman has her own site, where she tells about life hacking for travellers.
  • #3

    Currently Bali 𖤥 Next ✈︎ Thailand ✉︎ ⌲ [email protected] ⚡︎ Get my editing presets below! ↡ @doyoutravelpresets

    Jack’s story shakes the imagination. He left his boring job five years ago in Great Britain, bought a airplane ticket and went to Bangkok. From this place he has started his incredible travels. He shares the best frames in his Instagram account. For now, this traveller has probably visited all the most sweet parts of our planet. But Morris doesn’t want to stop. He keeps visiting a new cities and earning a good money by this. Jack has already have more than 3 millions subscribers. Notice, he is not a superstar or just a politician. By the way, he is travelling with his lovely woman.
  • #4
    Tara Milk Tea

    Traveller & Creative ☀︎ Girl from Sydney 🐨 Currently・Sydney 🇦🇺 💌 [email protected]

    Tara is very popular blogger and she has more than one million fans in Instagram. The girl is 21 years old and she spends all the free time on travelling. Also she studies design in the sydney university. Tara started her Instagram career by the fashion sketches.
  • #5
    Kristina Makeeva↟Kotleta↟Timon

    ↟Photographer ↟ cat ↟ engineer-wizard from Moscow ↟ Modern converter from ordinary to magic +79057968716 [email protected]

    Kristina is the popular russian photographer. She has about 600 thousand subscribers on her instagram account. The feature of her frames is that she can turn a real routine into masterpiece. Don’t you trust? Let’s visit her profile and make sure. Her frames are just like real fairy tale. The woman is travelling in a husband and a cat “Cutlet” company.
  • #6
    Я - Саша

    ✖️#travelwithgrin ✖️[email protected] ✖️тренируйся со мной👇🏻

    Sasha is also travel blogger from Russia. By the way, at the first she began her career by the promotion of sports nutrition and only later she started travelling the world. She has visited a lot of luxury places for the last three years. She has about 500 thousand followers in her treasure house for now. Interesting that she marks all her posts with an original hashtag #travelwithgrin. Alexandra tells about interesting routes, locations and also she gives useful advices to travellers like her.