Prom Captions for Instagram

Prom Captions Instagram

Prom is an important event in each other’s life. In this day everything will be luxury, dancing all the night and of course, a lot of photos and videos in Instagram. Even though you have no problems with the imagination, after the fourth or fifth photo, you will be thinking what original and amazing caption to write. And it’s okay. Not everyone was born a poet or an writer.

If you need the fresh captions ideas for prom, InstaHelper has prepared this list for you. Simply copy the liked line and paste it during a new post creation in Instagram. Edit if it’s needed.

1. Why be sadness when you can shake your booty. 💃
2. Take more chances, 💃 dance more dances.
3. Always classy, never trashy, and a little bit king. 🤴
4. I never miss a chance to dance with friends.
5. If you can’t be the prom queen 👸 , then make sure you’re the dancing queen 💃.
6. Life isn’t perfect, but your dress 👗 can be.
7. I spent three hours getting ready so you better like ❤️ this pic.
8. You never know how strong you are until you dance 💃 all night in heels .👠
9. We will dance till we drop.
10. Always wear your invisible crown. 👑
11. Live for today, plan for tomorrow, funny tonight.
12. The best memories are the ones you make together with friends.
13. Making selfies with you 💕 is my favorite thing to do.
14. Prom is the most memorable night of your life.
15. Excellent. I spent a very fantastic evening. 👍
16. And I thought the evening would be dull.
17. It’s not your night. It’s my night. 👸
18. I thought the prom was fun 🕺, but this after-prom party’s even better. 🤟
19. Prom is nothing but a huge party full of smiling, dancing people enjoying themselves.
20. Come on. 🕺 Dance dance dance!
21. Don’t let anyone ever dull your beauty. 👸
22. Who is the best dancer? 💃
23. 🌞 Sunshine state of mind.
24. This was before i spilled sauce on my dress 😂
25. I don’t wanna sit still, look pretty. This gal right here’s gonna rule the world ☝️
26. So many good memories made.
27. Black Girl Magic at its finest. 👸🏾
28. Dance like no one’s watching. 💃
29. Simplicity is more beautiful than anything!
30. Always pictured my senior prom like this. 👍
31. This may be the end of something but it is also the beginning of something.
32. No need for a clever comment I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves
33. Definitely a night to remember. 🌛
34. My dance moves was definitely the highlight. 🕺
35. When she said yes to the dress! 👗
36. Goodbye school, I’ll miss you. 😔
37. I’m not a princess. I don’t need saving. I’m a queen. 👑
38. Let’s dance 💃 all night. But first, a photo!
39. I wish some nights lasted forever.

Prom Captions for Couples

40. Some more prom pictures and Darling looks soo cute 😘
41. Every king 🤴 needs a queen 👸
42. Prom Queen and King don’t mean a thing when we’re both this cool. 🤣
43. You already know that we tore up the dance floor. 💃 🕺
44. No one would suit me better than you for prom. 💘
45. Do you hate that you love me ❤️, or do you love that you hate me?
46. Two very polite, soft spoken humans trying to find themselves on Prom evening.
47. Another unforgettable night with him. 😘
48. I hope someone mistook you for Cinderella because you look like a princess!😍
49. I just don’t understand how she manages to always look so beautiful. 😻
50. My beautiful baby 💋 went to prom yesterday, just had to share my excitement with you.
51. When the world revolves around just the two of us! 👯‍♀️
52. Behind every great man there’s a greater woman. 🥰
53. Hey little mama let me whisper in your ear: I 💘 you!
54. This love is incredible! 💖
55. Just look at these two. 🕺💃
56. So much love in one picture. 💞
57. Best date to prom you could ever have i love you! 💝
58. These two are full of true joy! ☝️
59. Not gonna lie, but these were the best pictures that were ever taken at prom with my date.
60. You made me feel like royalty 👑✨ thanks for the most beautiful, magical night.
61. Best dance of my life and It because of this beautiful girl. 💃
62. I thought perfect couples only exist in book and novels but that changed after I met you. 😍

Prom Captions with Best Friend

63. What a great night with great people! I couldn’t ask for better friends 👆
64. We’re so cool that everyone wanted to be in the back of our pics. 😎
65. Last prom post, wouldn’t be the same without these guys. 💪
66. Great friends, great memories. I will miss everyone from High school so much but I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life. 👏