just when I thought I couldnt write about anything else.

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06 March 2020

✨ just when I thought I couldn’t write about anything else.. I thought about the other day when I was riding in the backseat looking out the window at the city and the sun shining and I was grateful. I remembered back to a gloomy day in Detroit in January 2016 when Me and my one year old son had to sleep on air mattress on the kitchen floor in a house with 13 people, no heat, no hot water, no electricity... scraping change to eat. I had a car I couldn’t pay the note on let alone the engine was going out. I finally got a job and on the first day my car ran out of gas so when I got there I was already fired.... I broke down that day. Now when I look back at the process of becoming who I am and where I am today... it was beautiful. The struggle. The process. Thank you God. Album coming soon