Family harvest day, one of many.

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20 January 2020

Family harvest day, one of many... With our little helper. Bonding while picking our greens and watching our little girl’s growing connection with the beautiful dark soil in her tiny hands as a living breathing organism that gives life to her breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner is beyond special. And necessary. We need the world as a whole, not just our kids to know how to nourish ourselves and our planet’s soil. The soil is our biggest asset and yet MOST of the world’s food producers have no clue how their soil even works. This should scare you and them. You can create healthy soil and can grow food on a windowsill in New York City, Los Angeles or a backyard farm in Ohio. BUT I offer you this with much excitement and please mark my words: when large-scale agriculture turns to regenerative agriculture and our growing food eats our carbon output every year AND eats the legacy load of carbon in the air by a process called bio sequestration aka DRAWNDOWN (read Paul Hawken) climate change will STOP. We AND our children will thrive. Its our DUTY. There simply will be no more Australian or California bush fires. No more melting ice or bleaching coral. THIS is our only hope. We have the answer and the film is coming soon- it’s called @kisstheground directed by my dear brother Josh Tickell. We hope you are as inspired as we are. Thank you