How to Use Instagram Nametag

Instagram nametag let the users go to your profile fastly or to follow you at once. What nametag is being used for? Maybe everyone had a such kind of situations, when meeting with a client or a friend you tell your Instagram username. He or she had to enter your username to find you, and a mistake might be made. It’s so inconvenient to enter that username, which has dots, underscores or when it’s so long. Who wants to count how many “j” in your nickname jjjjjjjjjjj. Now you can simply open the app and show your nametag.

How to use Instagram nametag

1. Open the app and go to the profile page.

Profile page insta

2. Tap three horizontal bars at the right corner.
Three bars horizontal insta

3. Tap nametag.
Nametag button instagram

Ready. You are on the right page. Also you can customize the appearance of the app.

How to customize Instagram nametag

To change the font of Instagram nametag is impossible. The Aveny-T font is being used in the app. There are 3 basic appearance settings: Color, Emoji, and Selfie. To switch them up, tap the name of section in the upper part of the screen.

Tap to switch settings


In this section you can only change the colour of your Nametag background. There are 5 colours to choose. Simply tap in any place of the screen.


There you can create a background using emoji. Tap in any place of the screen and choose emoji you need.


In this section we’ll consider the tuning of uploading Selfie on the background. There are 5 face-filters to choose: dark glasses, hearts, blue glasses, false mustache and Unicorn float. Tap in any place on the screen and choose a face-filter. To take a photo tap the round button under the camera window.

When you finished to edit a nametag, it can be sent to a social network or downloaded on your smartphone. Tap icon in the upper right corner. The files are downloading in JPG format, not EPS or PSD.

Tap download nametag insta