Instagram Has Considered Hiding the Like Count

Instagram hidden likes

We used to instagram developers all the time introduce some of the new functions. The biggest part of these functions perceived positively by the users because it expands their opportunities. However, the following change may cause the negative reaction. We are talking about a likes hiding. While this function is available you can get to know how to press likes in this article.

Developers consider, that users recently pay too much attention to the likes quantity but not to the content quality. The most vivid example of recent times is the post with an egg which has become the most popular by the likes quantity. The most of users ignore many high quality posts if these posts don’t have enough sum of likes. Likes may easily to cheat with a special services help. Many bloggers use it to promote their content.

This update is actively being tested in Canada. The “Like” function will stay. If you are interested by the post you can press like to it as before, but the opportunity to watch likes quantity will be available only for the post author. It’s not final decision. Maybe the developers will refuse their idea after the some tests.