Instagram Captions Monday

Instagram Monday Captions

Most of people don’t like Mondays. They find it the hardest day of the week. It’s just a beginning of the week. Weekends are so far away and it’s so difficult to tune in to work. Don’t be upset about it, we can’t cancel these days anyways. Let’s spend it ridiculously. Many of people want to share their emotions about a new week start and tell it in Instagram. We have just prepared this compilation which will make your captions more bright and expressive.


1. Happy Monday gang! Cheers to a good week, hey? ☕️
2. Okay, so it’s Monday….and that calls for coffee, ☕️ more coffee and even more coffee
3. Monday like, looking forward to seeing you… my coffee cup.
4. But first coffee, please. 👆 
5. How is it Monday already 👀 – coffee required!
6. It was not easy today, but we tried our best. 💪
7. It’s gonna be a great week. 🤙
8. Starting the week armed with love. ❤️
9. Always a light ☀️ at the end of the tunnel! The weekend is only 5 days away!
10. New week! New grounds to break!! New Conquest! 💪
11. So on this Monday morning, Get a killer outfit and go change your world. 👸 
12. New Week! New Opportunities! New Blessing.
13. I love this day. 💝 I wake up excited to tackle rest of the week.
14. Don’t let Monday get you down – you’re a Queen 👸 (or King).
15. Time to start into a new week!
16. I’m pumpkin 😁, but will soon become a man.
17. The most important thing to do, first thing in the morning, is get yourself in a powerful 💪 state.
18. Begin your day with a smile. 😊
19. Feeling totally energised and ready to the working week. 👆 
20. Ready to conquer this week.
21. Coffee party ☕️. And what else can be said on Monday morning?
22. Walking into a new week like: my eyes are still half closed. 😴
23. Can we have a do over on the weekend? 👀 I’m not ready for Monday just yet.
24. Monday is a state of mind! 💃
25. Groggy… weekend doesn’t last long enough.
26. No Monday morning blues around here, only funny! 👯‍♀️
27. Monday is like a mathematics. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems.
28. I need all the coffee ☕️ after a weekend away.
29. Not to getting up this morning. Not today thank you.