How to Tag People on Instagram

Adding a photo or a video on instagram you have a possibility to mark this user you want. Tagging people on instagram, that’s so easy and never causes any problems. The only thing, this function is available nothing but the smartphone app.

1. Adding a new post, tag people section appears, get into that

Tag people insta

2. Tap in any place with a mark
3. Start to type the username. When instagram shows the right user choose it.
Tap the username insta

4. The tag must be appeared. You can edit its location moving your finger across the screen.
Tag instagram

5. When your new post is ready tap Share in the upper right corner.

To tag people on instagram after posting:

1. Open the post you need to edit
2. Tap the icon 3 horizontal dots in the upper right corner for iphone and 3 vertical dots for android

Three dots insta

3. Choose Edit section
Edit section insta

4. On the bottom left part of the screen Tag People will appear. Tap on that and act in the same way as adding a new post.
Tag people section insta

5. Ready? Save Tap Done marks in the upper right corner. If you are not going to edit a post anymore, tap Done again.

You can add several Tags at once. 20 is the maximum number for nowadays. Simply, place it consistently. For the having mark posts the icon with a human silhouette will appear on the bottom left corner. Marked users get a notification about that. To get to know who is marked on the post, simply tap in any place. In the mark location the username will appear. It is a direct link on a profile. To find all the posts where you are marked go to your profile and tap the icon as it is shown on the screenshot below.

Tag with you in insta