How to See How Much Time You Spend on Instagram

Do you mind you spend too much time on instagram and it distracts you from the other activities. There is an easy way to check it up. The special function appeared on instagram. It creates a timeline of your standing in the network. Also your instagram time standing can be limited by this function.

1.Go to app on ios or android.
2. Tap the profile icon and tap 3 bars in the upper right part of your screen.

Three bars horizontal

3. The first icon with a clock is the needed function of tracking hours – Your Activity.
Your activity icon insta

4. Tap on that and you will be available to see a daily average time for the last week, like it’s shown on the screenshot.
Daily average time insta

Specified by the red colour time in minutes is the average time for the last 7 days. Touch any hold of all columns matching day on the week, and you will see accurate time in minutes.

Daily average instagram
If you want to manage your time spent on instagram, you can set up a restriction which would limit your time standing in instagram.
Daily reminder insta
Go to Set Daily Reminder, set time and tap the button.
Set reminder insta

When your time ends you will be getting the push notification.
How to See How Much Time You Spend on Instagram

In that way, if you can’t find this function, you use the old version of the app. To see using web is impossible in this moment.