How to Repost on Instagram

Repost Photo Instagram

Difficult to imagine a modern social networks without repost opportunity. This function helps you to share your minds, impressions and events with other people and friends in your profile. However, you can’t repost someone or something in instagram using a standard instagram functions. In this article we will tell you how to add a photo or video you liked in your tape. Keep in mind, that users content is protected by Copyright. Before you want to copy alien content better if you ask author’s permission. Also you will be needed his or her tag on a photo or video. How to tag someone you will find in this article.

There are some ways to make a repost. For example, you can make a screenshot. Screenshot a post you need in the app and create a new post. This method is very fast and easy but the screenshot will not be an original file. Also the post quality might be spoiled. There are different applications but we will not be seeing this method because it requires additional applications downloading. Also it might be not safe.
Let’s choose the easiest method. To repost something you need, firstly, download the original photo or video on your device. How to do that? You can easily download any files from our site’s main page. Naturally, the profile shouldn’t be private.

1. Go to
2. Copy a link of the needed post from Instagram.
3. Paste it into the Search line.
4. Tap or click the Search icon.

Search line InstaHelper

5. Tap or click Download.
Download Photo Link InstaHelper

Ready. Now you have an original file. Create a new post and don’t forget about author’s tag.