How to Make Instagram Account Private

Your instagram account is public by default. Everyone has an opportunity to look through your posts. If you have blocked a specific user because you don’t want to him seeing your posts, adding him into a blocked users list couldn’t help you. Of course, he couldn’t watch your profile using her or his mobile app but he can do it through the browser on a computer or just through a mobile browser, not even using an account entry.

If your profile is not private your posts are available for people who don’t even have an instagram account. The one thing you can do is to make your account private. This function is opened for these users, who have their personal account. Do you have a business profile? Firstly, make it personal account.

Set your account to private from the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device

1. Open the instagram app
2. Go to your profile page, then tap 3 horizontal bars

Three bars horizontal

3. Tap the settings icon
Settings insta icon

4. Go to Privacy.
Privacy Settings Instagram

5. Tap Account Privacy.
Account Privacy Instagram

6. Tap to toggle Private Account on.
Private Account insta

7. Ready

Set your account to private on your computer or mobile browser

1. Type on your mobile browser or computer
2. Go to your profile, the icon is in the upper right corner
3. Click on settings icon, opposite your username

Desktop profile insta

4. Click privacy and Security
Privacy and security desktop insta

5. Below Account Privacy, click to check the box next to Private Account.
Check the box insta

6. Ready

Now only your followers can watch your posts. New followers will have to send you a follow request to see your profile or posts. Follow requests appear in the heart icon section, where you can approve or ignore them.