How to Follow a Hashtag on Instagram

Instagram has allowed to follow hashtags as to follow accounts before. Why is it needed? Posts with the needed hashtags will be appearing in your tape. Now we explain how it works. For example, the continuation of the new film would appear soon. You follow the hashtag, connected with this film. Now all the posts, connected with this film will be appearing in your tape. Let’s agree, it’s so convenient. You will be always up to date, not following a huge mass of accounts which are telling you the information about new films. It’s so easy to do that. Look at our detailed instruction.

1. Open your app.
2. Find a hashtag you need. Write it in search line.
3. Tap the hashtag (example: #dogs).

Search Hashtag Insta

4. Tap Follow. Ready.
Tap Follow Instagram Hashtag

How to unfollow a hashtag

1. Find it in your Following list.
2. Tap Following.

Following Hashtags Insta

3. Tap Unfollow. Ready.
Unfollow Hashtag Insta