How to Delete Your Instagram Account

If you decided to delete your instagram account in this article we could tell you how to do it in the fastest and the easiest way. It could be done from your computer, simply use the official app on ios or android. After the account deletion all of your videos, photos, stories, comments and likes will be disappeared from the social network forever. You will be having no opportunity to restore your profile or to use this name for a new account. In that way, if photos or videos are important for you, care about downloading in advance.

How to do it on IPhone or Android.

1. Open the app and go to profile page.

Profile Icon Instagram

2. Tap the icon in the upper right corner (☰) and tap the bottom icon settings.
Settings button instagram

3. Tap Help.
Instagram Help

4. Tap Help Center.
Instagram Help Center

5. Follow the link Managing Your Account.
Managing instagram account

6. Tap the second point of Delete Your Account.
Delete Account Instagram

7. Choose the second point how it is shown on screenshot.

How do i delete my account

8. Tap Delete Your Account Page.
Delete Your Instagram Page

9. After you need to choose the reason of your decision, confirm the operation by the password entry and tap the red button.
Red button delete Insta

The pop-up window will appear, press OK.

How to Delete Instagram Account on Computer (PC, Laptop, Mac).

1.You have to log into your account. Don’t remember your password? Then the account deletion won’t be available. Even with a support assistance.
2. Copy and Paste this link in your browser
3. You need to point at the reason of deletion in the drop-down menu.
4. Then you need to confirm your operation by the password entry.
5. Think again, are you sure you want to delete the whole information about yourself from instagram. If you, press the red button.
6. The pop-up window will appear, click OK.

Delete desktop instagram