How to Delete Direct Messages

In this article we will learn how to delete instagram messages. Cleaning the messages is the deletion of all messages only from your device. Recipient will be have an access to the messages in your dialogue. Deleting messages from your opponent’s device way doesn’t exist. You need to always think about what you send to your opponent because that information can be used against you.

Method 1

1. Open instagram on your device
2. On the home page you need to tap the icon paper airplane

Paper plane icon insta

3. Swipe left (iOS) or tap and hold (Android) on the conversation you’d like to delete
Delete DM instagram

4. Tap Delete
Tap delete DM insta

The message will appear, confirm the deletion.

Method 2

1. Open the chat
2. Find the message you want to delete
3. Tap and hold the message.

Tap and hold DM insta

4. Tap unsend and confirm your operation
Tap unsend insta