How to Create and Use Collections on Instagram

Earlier, we were talking about “What is Instagram bookmarks and how to use that”. In this article we will tell you what is Instagram collections. What is this needed for? This function let you sort your bookmarks by categories, which you create. For example, you save a lot of posts with recipes and diets. You can divide it into collections to easier find it. Instagram is not the first social network who has come up with sorting the photos. The first was Pinterest with its boards.

How to Create a Collection

1. Open the Instagram.
2. Go to your Profile page.

Profile page insta

3. Tap 3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner.
Three bars horizontal insta

4. Tap Saved.
Saved Instagram

5. Tap the plus sign icon in the upper right corner.
Tap Plus icon

6. Enter a name then tap Next.
New Collection Instagram

7. Tap any saved posts you’d like to add to your collection, then tap Done (iOS) or Checkbox (Android).
Tap Done Collection Instagram

Now, when you will be adding the post to bookmarks you can also add it to the collections.

How to Save a Post on Instagram Collection

Method 1

1. Tap Save below the post.

Tap Bookmark Instagram

2. Tap pop-up sign – Save to collection.
Save to Collection Instagram

3. Tap the category.
Tap the category collection

Method 2

1. Tap and hold the icon below the post.

Tap and hold Instagram bookmark

2. All your collections will appear in the pop-up window. Tap the suitable category or create a new one.
Create a new one Insta collection

3. Tap the plus sign icon and Enter a name then tap Done.
New Collection Insta