How to Change Name and Username Instagram

Do you want to change your username and the name on instagram? In this article you would see how to do it. Firstly, let’s see how they differ. Opening the app you will see your username above. It let you find a profile of the specific user. This parameter is unique and can not being repeated on instagram. Under your profile photo there is your name. It can be not unique and also it can be written on any of language you want. Moreover, you can use emoji there.

Username instagram

Editing on a iPhone or Android device

1. Open the app and go to your profile
2. Tap Edit profile

Edit profile instagram

3. Type in your new information and tap Done (iPhone) or checkmark (Android) in the top right.
Tap done instagram

If this username has already used a warning would appear in the app. You need to check instagram username availability using our tool.

Editing on PC

1. Open instagram in the browser of your computer and open a profile
2. Click Edit profile

Edit profile desktop insta

3. When the change will be ready, click Submit.
Submit button insta

Ready! Don’t forget that you shouldn’t come up with a very long and difficult username.