How Instagram Account Verified

The originally icon of verification on instagram helped to detect what kind of accounts are public and famous person’s own. Later, this function attracted big companies and brands attention and became a way of attraction other people’s attention, confirming account’s seriousness.
Of course, not every account without a checkmark is fake. But the account verification could help you to stand out your account from thousands of others.

Also it provides search results priority and special functions access. Certainly, it’s just a symbol of your status on instagram. It’s not easy to verify your instagram account. If you are not a celebrity it’s just almost impossible. All the decisions are being made by moderators, who check everything by their hands.

Do you think you are enough famous to be verified? You can send a request for checking.

1. Go to app, open your profile and tap on the three horizontal bars

Three stripes icon insta

2. Tap settings
Settings button instagram

3. Go to Account
Account settings insta

4. At the bottom of your screen you would see Request verification, tap it
Request verification insta

5. Enter your full name
6. Choose a category for your account which suits the most. For example if you are a sportsman or a musician
7. Attach a photo of your id (example: government-issued photo ID)
Verification instagram

8. Have you done everything? Tap send.
Send request insta

Now you need to wait for consideration of your application. After the request procession you will get a notification about your account verification. In that way, if the request was rejected you need to wait 30 days to send another one. Don’t worry if you can’t get verified badge, there are other ways to prove you are not an impostor. For example in profile settings there is a section Linked Accounts. you can link to your Instagram account from your official website, FB Page, Twitter or YouTube account.