How do you remove a follower on Instagram

If you want someone to unfollow you on Instagram, this article is for you. We will consider how to delete a follower in details. The user wouldn’t even get to know that he or she has unfollowed your account. It’s very important to delete fake followers, they are useless, they don’t comment your posts and never like.

1. Open the app.
2. Go to your Profile page.

Profile page insta

3. Tap Followers.
Followers Instagram

4. Tap 3 horizontal dots (iPhone) or 3 vertical dots (Android) to the right of the follower you’d like to remove.
Tap 3 dots Instagram

5. Tap Remove. Ready.
Tap Remove Instagram

You could do this earlier only if your account was private. Now this function is available for the public accounts. There is one more way.

1. First, you need to block the follower, he or she automatically removes from your followers list.
2. Then simply unblock the user, he or she wouldn’t get any notifications from Instagram.