Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi – Instagram stats

Their rivalry started in 2007, I’m not mistaken. Exactly Brazilian Kaka has been chosen as the best football player of this year. And this year was the last, when someone besides Lionel or Cristiano became the best. The next ten years they divided in a half. Each of them has been recognized as the best football player for 5 times. If these two had played in one football club together, it would has become invincible. Their styles nicely compliment each other: Messi is pronounced forward and Ronaldo is attacking midfielder.

How to divide “the great” and “the greatest”, when these athletes were destroying every encroachment on their superiority for ten years. To be the best on a football field even for a few months is unbelievably hard task. But Lionel and Cristiano have pushed the scope of opportunity. Of course, we had Pele and Maradona and others, but now Ronaldo and Messi, and only then, the others. What will be when they will have finished their careers. Perhaps, a history would never provide us with that event, when two football players totally dominate everyone at the same time.

We prepared our own instagram stats about @cristiano and @leomessi

Cristiano Ronaldo
Leo Messi
Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Full name Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini
Funchal, Madeira Place of birth Rosario
35 Age 33
Portugal Country Argentina
Juventus Team Barcelona
Forward Position Forward
7 Number 10
28 Trophies 30
24.05.2012 Instagram registration date 21.06.2013
@cristiano Username @leomessi
219m Followers 148.7m
449 Follow 230
2808 Posts 581
13.8m Max likes 10.3m
Young photo
As a child
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