8 Instagram Updates You can not Miss

After F8 everyone talks about possible likes cancellation around the world. But there are many other interesting updates, which would make Instagram life more convenient and let brands to communicate with their clients more closely.

1. Updated camera design.

It would make work with the stories more easy and convenient. Swipe right and you would get access to functions, boomerang, zoom and others. Swipe left and you would see the stickers and the text.

2. Donation sticker.

Right now donation stickers have appeared in USA. You can publish it right in your stories. Stickers are selected right from the pictures gallery. 100% of the funds will be given to Charity organization. Further, these stickers will be available around the world.

3. You can add a survey into your advertisement in stories.

During testing, online survey showed pretty good results. For example, “Dunkin reduced a video watching prices by 20% and Next Games increased the number of app installations by 40%”, written on Instagram website.

4. A new profile creator.

As a business account, it has access to certain functions and extensive analytics database, but there is a difference between them. Shortly, this kind of accounts has access to Instagram Insights and to new Instagram Creator Studio on desktop at the same time. Besides the analytics, at the first time the information about followers/unfollowers will be available on this account.
There are disadvantages too. For example, insofar as the account is not tied to Instagram API, then deferred posting function and third-party analytics are not available.

5. Shopping right in the app.

Instagram has already started testing new selling hashtags. For the present, it is being tested. Only some of the Instagram influenced or brands may use this function.

It would be so interesting to watch, how the Instagram influenced market shaked.

6. Everyone can make her or his own “masks”.

AR effect – augmented reality is real Instagram hit. According to the Zuckerberg words, more than one billion people have used this effect for this year. But if earlier the limited quantity of brands had an access to Spark AR Studio, now we can wait that business would use the new method to the fullest. For example, cosmetic brand can use the masks to let users try a new lipstick shade or a shadow. How it has been made by Kylie Cosmetics.

7. Instagram is going to refuse likes.

It is testing in Canada.

Not so long time ago, a blogger and a technological insider Jane Manchun Wong was telling in Twitter, that Facebook is testing such kind of platform. Instagram answered highly evasive then. But everything revealed on the F8 conference. For the present, the update is testing only in Canada.
During the Instagram tape watching, the likes quantity will not be seen, but only users, who has pressed it.

8. The bulling protection.

Facebook told, that the new function has appeared. This function is Away Mode, it would help you to refuse your Instagram activity and notifications for some time, without the account deletion. Also, Instagram is developing a function – the defence from negative comments. Adam Mosseri told, this function will detect users on the stage of trying to leave a comment. And give a warning, that’s better not to leave a such kind of comments. Adam also noted, that not all of these functions will be embodied in this year, but stressed, Facebook spends a lot of time to solve these problems.