7 Ways to Earn Money on Instagram 2019

If you want to use Instagram not only for selfie, but for selling and promotion of your personal blog, get to know next 7 rules. They will help you to get bigger the number of your followers, to realize any types of products and to create the unique personal brand.

Instagram is modern market of goods and services. Thanks to this board, finance rotate freely between sellers, buyers and intermediaries, which usually promote users accounts. Now, you need to use your opportunities as much as possible, then you will get all possible bonuses absolutely free. And also so fast.


Choose the sphere.

Finding the sphere you are good at is one of the most important tasks. Users bite not only on the nice content, but also, it must be high quality. The information you want to give to followers should be useful for them. There are so many topics, which are interesting and helping to realize some of the goods and services.

  • Healthy lifestyle, fitness, sport
  • Education
  • Travelling, foreign languages
  • Motivation and psychology
  • Vehicles
  • Floristics, design, handmade
  • Pets
  • Clothes, style, cosmetics
  • Medicine
  • Cooking

In each sphere a professional can get comfortable and promote a blog and a personal brand.


Introduce yourself.

7 Ways to Earn Money on Instagram 2019

People like stories. If you want to provide services, create the narrative about yourself. Write an interesting and short biography. Share the information, why have you chosen this sphere? Add the funny occasions happened during your work. Opening before followers, you increase the strust degree to yourself and to your job as a result. Don’t forget to tell stories about your product, buyers, colleagues and situations, happened outside the work. Modern Instagram doesn’t keep silent, it helps to create strong user relationship. Especially it is important, when we feel a lack of communication with people around. Many of us anyway, find it in the social networks. And this fact must be taken into account during the blog creation.


Use hashtags.

7 Ways to Earn Money on Instagram 2019

Of course it sounds trite, but it is invented for the account promotion. Don’t forget about the balance: you need not only the popular, but personal hashtags. The first would help you to get into the big competitors community and the second to find your account by the unique phrases.


Don’t ignore the statistics.

7 Ways to Earn Money on Instagram 2019

Without the qualitative analytics you can’t get to know, what followers are reacting for, how often do they go to the pages you specified, do they watch the same material repeatedly, how often people unfollow you. To not waste additional resources at the beginning, you can start by creating a business account. Then you will be available for the minimum statistical package. In that way, if the business is going up the hill, better to pay extra for the additional services. These services will help you to track the followers behavior and to make correct reports:

Using these and other services you can:

  • make a quality audit
  • optimise your content
  • track your competitor by hashtags
  • find bloggers to collaboration
  • segment your audience
  • collect the post statistics
  • see the dynamic of the growth and unfollowing
  • detect the better time to posting
  • define the most rated topics
  • synchronize the posts in different social networks

Don’t forget that you need to have a dialog not only with your followers, but with the same topic bloggers, potential clients and with people which are connect with you not only by the work too. Be active: like posts, take a part in polls, react on stories. How often you will be appearing everywhere depends your chances to be noticed. It’s not worth it to stay in your online-shell and wait for miracle. Let’s begin the communication first and you will see, how it would influence on your followers growth.


Always use Instagram Stories and advertisement.

7 Ways to Earn Money on Instagram 2019

Right, Instagram Stories is the fastest way to talk with the audience, conduct a survey, remind about yourself, make a commercial offer. Necessarily just watch stories of other users. Not only because of curiosity, but to get to know new methods and features of customer acquisition. And don’t ignore commercial advertisement. Many of users start reading blog only because of bright and selling advertisement has been seen by them. Try to make it just once and you will be sure that it works.


Let’s post steadily.

You shouldn’t blog intuitively: search systems and analytic systems, which help you in account promotion, need consistency. The first task of each blogger is to make up the plan of publications and follow it clearly. You can write the plans in your notebook, or just use a new services, letting you prepare publications just in time. Thanks to these programmes you can use the deferred posting. It means you can prepare the publications in advance and make flexible settings for posts, to let them be published at a specific time. Except that, you can use services patterns. It’s need to not write all the hashtags again. And just one more advantage is that you can keep some accounts at the same time, tracking all the dialogs in the single window.


Create an uniform style.

A visual range is important as well as a meaning. At the same time you shouldn’t make your blog in powder tones or post all the photos using only one filter. Very important to make your content individual. It just can be careless, but this carelessness should be thought out and verified. You can learn to this approach, but you need to watch how the successful bloggers do it. Take something from them, add something your’ and create the unique and interesting visual range, which not only attract, but hold followers attention.