10 the Most Popular Animals on Instagram

It’s just definitely worth to follow these Instagram accounts. Funny animals are being posted here everyday. And it’s not just cats.
Besides cats, which are being seen even by the most severe people, make these people to start smiling wide, there are many other pets. Cute, touching, funny and infinitely sweet. You can’t avoid your love to them. At once, a wish to follow all of them appears. Looking at their tricks your mood is suddenly improving and you are already touched. 10 instagram accounts which doesn’t leave you indifferent, – there is no cats by the way.

  • #1
    Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

    If you could use a little bit of joy & laughter, you've come to the right place! Follow @thetravelingtuna

    A mixture of dachshunds and Chihuahuas – Tuna. This breed names “Chivini” and it’s rather popular nowadays in USA. Mistress has picked up the dog on the sidelines, during the cycling. Since then they have not being parted for 2 years. Tuna is the Instagram star for her malocclusion. It looks hilarious. Her photos are very popular and the followers quantity is growing up every day.
  • #2
    Loki the Wolfdog

    Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?

    Loki: a cross between a wolf and a dog. Some blood are mixed up in this charming creature with an incredibly deep and wise gaze. Haskie, Malamute and White Polar wolf are peacefully getting on in the dog’s character: dog’s owner claims that he has never met more calm and kind creature. Four-footed pet and his owner live in Colorado but really love travelling together – making the landscape photos and photos of themselves. Loki’s owner express the modest hope on Instagram, that he will give the love of travelling with their pets around the world to other people.
  • #3
    Wally the Bunny

    Welcome to the world of Otis, Suki, and me, Molly! 🌈 RIP my sweet Wally Bunny. [email protected] Snapchat: wallythebunny

    Wally, Sookie and Otis – funny rabbits. These brave guys might be easily confused with incredibly sweet plush toys. But they are real. However, it is hard to believe. Wally, Sookie and Otis are angora rabbits. They have angelic temper and soft fur coat. This trinity lives in Massachusetts with their owner Molly. The first of them who has become famous was Wally with a red face. The account wad named “Wally and Molly”. But not because this one was the most beautiful. That was because he appeared before its brothers.
  • #4

    My life is a real "from zero to hero" story. From abandon pet to instagram celebrity in less than a year.

    Ludwig: the bald guinea pig. This little animal lives with its “mother” in Poland – and it eats a lot. To get a double pleasure from that process Ludwig and the owner are trying to put food on a plate beautifully to make a photo of that. It goes so nice that people often don’t understand is it an fashionable food-blogger account or Ludwig’s? The dog named Lola got into the hospitable home from the shelter. The little one has gone through a lot for its short life. But now, Lola looks rather glad and happy with the pig.
  • #5
    MacGyver the Lizard

    🌟 Instagram's favorite dog-sized lizard. 💕 @macgyvermommy 🧠 #Bernie2020

    Red MacGyver lizard. This Instagram account is being kept very serious. Except the Instagram account, Red MacGyver lizard has its own page on Facebook, and the YouTube channel. So, it’s not surprising that this big lizard has more fans than some of the human superstars. MacGyver adores walking and bathing, to sit on the owner’s hands and to sleep in her bed under a warm blanket.
  • #6
    Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla

    Say no to fur clothing and follow me! Adopt before buying. Check out your local animal rescue 🐭 For business inquiries: [email protected]

    Chinchilla Mr. Bagel. Except that, Mr. Bagel is very sweet and charming, it is also fighting for the animals rights, calling its followers for refusal of fur coats wearing. Many people, really do it after the such of agitation.
  • #7
    Dustin & Swarley -Prairie Dogs

    Follow our friend @grannythefox [email protected]

    Swarley and Dustin rodents. These two live in Arizona. Besides them, the labradudl, ducks, the hedgehog and the old turtle live in this house. All of them sometimes got in a frame, taking turns or just all together.
  • #8

    My life is an open book for you all, my friends. If you want to reach me, [email protected]

    Hamon: miniature piglet. Of course, you need having very peculiar sense of humor to name the lovely pet Hamon. Especially, when it’s pig. It is very loved and treated like a baby by everyone.
  • #9
    Husky Named Blu + Luna

    The DRAMA KING + Princess Luna

    Husky dogs Luna and Blue. It’s known, that Husky dogs are the most charismatic and hilarious dogs ever. It’s more funny for them, when they are together. These two would never let the owner get sad. By the way, the owner couldn’t always handle these two – you can notice that on the video. The video, where Husky Blue is chastising its owner for a wrongdoing, got a lot of views.
  • #10
    Super Pringle

    Pringle is a bearded dragon living in Geelong, Australia. Contact: [email protected]

    Pringle – Bearded Agama. This lizard was born and lives in Melbourne. The owner assures, her pet is soft – she takes it instead of pillow, when they watch a TV series.