10 Cool and Funny Accounts on Instagram

  • #1
    Menswear Dog

    Bodhi, The Most Stylish Dog in the World 🌎 Collabs: [email protected]

    To dress up cats and dogs in the human clothes is not a new thing, but despite the fact that it’s not new, there are so many people, who have found their place under the sun. For example, @mensweardog, dedicated, according to the owner Yen Kim, to the most fashionable shiba inu dog names Bodhi. Don’t know, what people find in that, but this account has already have 372 thousand followers.
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    Skellie 💁

    Baes gonna bae. (Toronto / LA) ✉️ [email protected]

    The @omgliterallydead page has been created by skeleton girl named Skellie. She is from Canadian city Toronto. Don’t you believe? There are proof of this, photo facts.. Here you can see she is trying on the glasses, here, her selfie in the swimming pool, there, she is doing yoga and in cafe with friends as you see.. You can believe or not, but more than 253 thousand people watch her adventures.
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    Fashion Dads

    Fathers on fleek 🔥 Submit a #fashiondad to [email protected] or DM 👴🏼👔 and shop our cool shit! ⬇️

    Dads aren’t really known for being stylish, and this Instagram account shows why they have earned that reputation. The page posts pictures of dads in their New Balance-wearing finest, and it is hilarious.
  • #4
    Parisian floors

    one guy - one city - one perspective ✉️ [email protected] Print Shop 🔻

    The channel of one German – Sebastian Erras can be named like this. @parisianfloors the number of followers of this account is already more than 166 thousands. All of them wait with interest every new Sebastian’s work. There, as usual, would be his fit into the frame footwear, which generally enrich the composition. And necessarily an original floor in Marrakech or Barcelona, London, Venice or Antwerp.. or somewhere else. No one knows, which place will this guy choose.
  • #5

    bout dat lyfe since 2011. follow our cat rescue in Brooklyn @flatbushcats

    Unlike the previous topics, the hero of our story is a dog. I have already written it in the project @cashcats. It’s marketer Will Zweigart account, who is from New York and the main character of this account is his cat. Not only dressed, but bathing in gold, money and wine. And the army of envious losers from 162 thousand people watch this.
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    joel strong

    send inquiries & letters to: joel strong tompkins square p.o. p.o. box 20848 new york ny 10009 (or [email protected])

    Exactly like this is translating the name of channel @mydaywithleo from out compilation of funny and cool animals on Instagram. However, a fashion blogger Joel Strong from New York hangs out not only with it. Here this boy is showing off friendship with Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, Cindy Crawford and many others. How does he do that? Easy! Is it difficult to cut out the head of celebrity and insert instead of friend’s head. Maybe it is a bit stupid, but it watches about 156 thousand people.
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    Dan Marker-Moore

    Los Angeles, California @payphones 📸SonyAlpha 🛒👇🏻print shop

    Freelance photographer Dan Marker Moore not only promoted his account, but started by himself hashtag #payphoneography. Dan has taken hundreds of phone booths photos for 5 years in Los Angeles and cities like: New York, Boston, Las Vegas and San Diego. It’s not cats or dogs, but fans army of this guy totals 137 thousand people.
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    I am the leader of the selfie movement. For bookings just email me at [email protected] snapcat is pimpsnooky. God is great.

  • #9

    hot original [email protected]

    The account @shavaunna is beauty standards call. It is dedicated to weekdays of Barbie’s torn head. She makes selfie, philosophizes, dreams and gives advices. Apparently, the author has found the method to her audience because it has 19 thousand followers.
  • #10

    Wardere really is my name. I like Nutella.

    People tend to make friendship. If there no people, who can be your friend, be friends at least with cat, dog or turtle in the box. But in general, there is a Canadian named Worde Farre, who is friend with a can of Nutella chocolate paste. And to this friendship he has dedicated his channel @wardere and 450 photos are already publicated here. About 3 thousand followers are watching this. This friendship might end not so happy for this guy. According to his words, he eats more than 2 kilograms of chocolate pasta for each month.